Old Dog's New Tricks

Rainer Blome rainer@physik3.gwdg.de
Tue, 16 May 95 12:23:47 0200

The following is a message that I sent to the Tunes mailing list some time ago.
The topic then was parallel distributed multitasking, but the reference fits
even better in this context.  The book is a very good place to start reading
about research in market-oriented systems.


------- old message follows --------------------------------------------
for those who are interested in this kind of system, i recommend the
following book:

Bernardo A. Huberman [Editor]:  The Ecology of Computation
North Holland, New York etc. 1988.  342 p.
(Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence 2)
ISBN 0-444-70375-6
huberman is (was?) with xerox parc (if i recall correctly) and a lot of
interesting topics (agents, heuristics, agoric (market/ecosystem-oriented)
systems, meme-pools (memes code ideas/knowledge and their use, anologous to
genes coding biological structures and their operation) and authors (lenat,
stefik) are assembled there.


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