Kevo, GlyphicScript, Garnet

Rainer Blome
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 12:05:43 +0100

I just noticed that I forgot to include the urls about glyphic and garnet.
here's the relevant part from my bookmarks:

<A HREF="">
	Garnet entry in the AI Repository</A>
<A HREF="">
	Garnet FTP site</A>
<A HREF="">
	Garnet FAQ</A>

There was also an article about Garnet in the November 1990 issue of IEEE
Computer.  That's what I read.

<A HREF="">
	Glyphic Codeworks -- Introduction</A>
<A HREF="">
	Glyphic Technology Corporation</A>
<A HREF="">
	What's New and Points of Departure</A>

To print the manuals, one has to get the demo version for the Mac, they're
stand-alone documents.