HLL Design : some ideas

MENTRE David INFO-IPR David.MENTRE@enst-bretagne.fr
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 21:24:08 +0100 (MET)

Hello tunes-people,

I do not talk very often on this mailing list but I want now to bring 
something to the tunes project.

You are talking a lot about Object Design and Oriented Object Language, but
in my opinion, there are some others importants points you may have forgotten.

For example, the parallel aspect of HLL. Most of parallel languages are
using explicit parallelism : you must tell the computer when and how doing
the parallel things. Last month, I have discover a language where the
parallelism is implicit (english word? :) : the compiler, with the specification
of the machine derives the program from a very high level specification.
It's name is Gamma, and it has been designed in France. 

Unfortunatly, I haven't found any documents about it on the Web.
Only real paper :
- Programming by multiset transformation -
D. Le Metayer, J.P. Banatre 
Communication of the ACM - January 1993

- The Gamma model and it's discipline of programming -
J.P. Banatre and D. Le Metayer
Science of Computer Programming - North Holland - vol. 15, 1990 - pp. 55-77

Gamma is certainly not the holly grail language for Tunes, but I think it
would be very interesting to provide it as a feature of HLL. The hard thing
will be to integrate it in HLL in a elegant and efficient way.


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