Harrison R. Ulrich hrulrich@conline.com
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 18:20:39 -0500

Hello list,

My name is Dick Ulrich. Recently I replied to someone on the list in what I
was a constructive way. Rainer had other thoughts. Upon reflection, I think
I see
what Rainer was getting at. Therefore, I apologize to the list even though I did
not mean any harm. Must have been the coffee, taxes, and generally high-cost
of living.

Now, is the HLL for humans or technicians? Are we talking of a language that
allows developers to provide function or for consumers to provide function?

For example, if you whistle, and the computer is supposed to pick up on
that, and
invoke a transformer which will search a tunes database for a audible match and
then initiate the background playing of that melody, who writes that. The
technician or the consumer?

I want to provide something constructive and am trying to get a feel for
exactly what is meant by HLL.

Dick Ulrich