GNU and Progress

Chris Harris
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 12:20:57 -0800 (PST)

Hello All --

I'd have to say that I'm not quite so certain the GNU Public Licence is 
the best thing for TUNES.  It does have advantages, as Fare has brought 
up, but I understand that it also has many "gotchas", such as making it 
difficult to get rid of the licence if the project eventually decides to 
take on a new direction.  Perhaps we should wait to make this decision 
until we actually have some subproject that would directly benefit from it?

As far as making progess in Tunes, I'm wondering if people had thoughts 
on what, besides writing documents, can be done to further Tunes by 
people who don't want to or aren't qualified to help Fare and Patrick w/ 
the LLL project.  I know that I am supposedly leading the Interfaces 
subproject, but I can't really see how to begin interfacing things when 
we have nothing to interface...or when we have only tiny hints about what 
the low-level/mid-level/high-level structures we're eventually going to 
have around will be like.  I guess that, in short, I don't see how we, as 
a project, would make progress, even if we had 10 full-time people 
working on the project.  What is there to do?

-Chris, motivated by the evil nature of his new NT setup to help make a 
decent OS that doesn't cost an arm and a leg...