Quick Summaries

Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@ens.fr
Tue, 4 Jun 1996 22:50:07 +0200 (MET DST)


> In several discussions in tunes I have felt the to talk at some length
> so all of the participants could catch up to the conversation.
[The need? The excessive time past? Whatever, we all felt the same]

> It is quite wastefull to waste these summations
> on one time shots that a maillist discussion affords.
That's precisely why I created the WWW pages.
But I've never been good at it,
and have not receive large contributions,
but Chris' late Interfaces page,
plus useful feedback from many kind members and other people.

> Therefore I propose we start putting up quick summaries in html on the
> WWW page of ideas and concepts that are important to tunes or come up
> often.
Yeah. Feel free to reorganize the pages.
If anyone knows a good way to manage version management on remote systems,
please tell me.
Also, HTML is much too low-level and inexpressive a protocol
to express the net of ideas in the Tunes system.

> Basically these should be quick primers or answers to
> questions not yet asked, similiar to FAQ's but with a different slant.
Great! We need something like that.
The Tunes Glossary also tries to answer such questions,
but people don't seem to find their way through it.
The Tunes FAQ is outdated.

> Topics I'll start with are
> Garbage Collection  --- I already have a start in tunes-lll
A good start might be the GC FAQ, Paul Wilson's and Henry Baker's pages, etc.
Surely we should mostly point to these documents when applicable.
Now, the GC.doc file from smalltalk/X (that I copied in doc/misc/)
might be a basis for an introductory text, if needed.
Finally, all this could/should be integrated into the pages
for the Migration and LLL subprojects (see what's currently done).
Maybe you would take over the maintenance of those pages?

> Basic Ideas of Functional Languages --- To explain continuations,
>                                         closures and similiar

> A personal 4 language --- to help seperate the chores of languages
4 language? I'm not sure what you mean...

> Discussion for refinements to this rough idea are welcome.
> Eric
> Wanting to make tunes all action not talk.

I know much of the slowness in the Tunes project is my fault,
for though I have lots of ideas that I think good,
I am a poor at organizing anything, lack self-confidence and energy.
Knowing that, I've never really wanted to be the head of the project;
however, I've found noone else who'd be the head in my place :(
   All that to say that you should not hesitate to take over any part
of the project that you feel is mismaintained,
or contribute significantly to it.
   There's enough want of action; let's have action.

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