First Class Representations

Patrick Premont
Tue, 4 Jun 1996 19:23:33 -0400

I've been talking for some time about the article I was
preparing on first class representations. I have not modifed
it for a while so I thought I should stop putting things off
and show you what I've done so far.

This should be of interest to both LLLers and HLLers. This
subject is an (if not the) essential link between the two levels.
Because high level object are _represented_ by low level objects.

If you have questions about it, I'll be pleased to answer them. Even
if the question are of the form "What the hell does that mean !?"  :)

It doesn't talk about Tunes because it can exist outside of Tunes. But
I had Tunes in mind when I wrote it.

You'll need a PostScript viewer or a DVI viewer to read it. A printer
would also do of course. The URLs are :

Nice reading. The document has 10 pages by the way. I want feedback !