Richard Stallman
Thu, 23 May 96 23:33:22 IDT

    However, we'll stress on the fact that programs
    should rather be made secure and proven correct
    than be kept emulated in paranoid boxes.

I tend to think this is a risky way of doing things.
But it might be worth trying for research.

Also, I think that a language which lacks the escape routes of C, such
as casting pointers, would be hard to use for some purposes.

    The main problem I see is that we want fine-grained dynamic compilation.
    Could the GCC backend be used as some kind of a daemon,
    or be integrated as a library ?

It wouldn't make much sense as a library, but it could be used as a
demon.  It depends how often you want to compile and how fast you want
compilation to happen.  If you want really fast compilation, you
probably need something simpler than GCC.