Comments please

Norman Culver
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 13:39:46 -0500

Several years ago I wrote an interpreting C compiler "OXCC1434.ZIP"
which has many interesting properties. It is available with some docs
on the Simtel DOS site. I would appreciate it if some tunes folks
would download it (its free) and at least read the docs and comment.

The compiler is a multi-pass model and keeps a full AST of the program
being compiled in core (memory hog). It can interpret the program
and regenerate source after evaluating outer declarations or the
whole program. The compiler is fully re-entrant and can be called
from the program being compiled, the output' can be incorporated into
the current data-set which can be regenerated as source. The calling
user can gain access to the AST and the internal symbol tables of
the compiler (again, even from a program which is being compiled).

The compiler will also generate a semi-neutral ANF which is processed by
back-end code generators.

The language is an extended version of C and I have been seriously
considering juicing up the grammer to understand Java and Objective C
(i.e. mix C, Java and Objective C in the same pgm). My personally
invented set of byte codes could easily be adjusted to use the Java
byte codes + some extensions.

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