What am I (Paul Dufresne) doing?

dufrp@oricom.ca dufrp@oricom.ca
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 06:59:28 -0400

Well, I am really not doing what I am supposed to do, that is updating the
REVIEW subproject. Instead I am more working on something that could even-
tually be used by the LLL and I386 subproject. I guess that is because I
feel that these projects are more in need of people than good information.

By the way, my e-mail program make it very easy to me to loose my msgs, so
if you mail me something and I do not reply, try again.

I did translate start32.asm written in TASM to work with
simtelnet/msdos/asmutl/nasm94s.zip (from memory). START32 is a little
file that switch to pmode and redirect IRQ to their real mode handler.
NASM is a free assembler. My version of the program make a .com file, and
don't need any linker. START32 have not been written by me but by Tran of
the Renaissance demos makers group, quite a while ago. My version is not
very well written but looks like a lot the original file and include the
example0.inc that Tran had included in his code32.zip archive file.

I intend to post it to the tunes-lll mailing list since I am no more
working at it (not even with it) since I am now actively translating
another program to NASM, namely simtelnet/msdos/forth/min4th25.zip (?).

Miniforth is a less than 3.5 Kb com FORTH interpreter written in A86 in
1988. Because it is so small I am (was) thinking that it could help me
understand how we write a FORTH interpreter, and that it would be quite
easy to change the stack size to 32bits and use it with start32. Well
actually I find it quite hard to understand, but I am beginning to
see trough the fog. I guess that is because I am new to FORTH. Up to
now, my Nasm version is workink, as long as you don't type something
else than return. If you do it will crash. :) That's true!

I guess I will post it too. Source code is about 30k and so I don't think
I would waste mailing-list space (I'll post only to tunes-lll). License
says that it is for personnal use only, not commercial use unless permission
granted by the author. The author does not gave a e-mail address, just a
snail mail one. I post it because I believe someone else could find bugS
faster than me. I said bugs to plural, because I am convinced there is more
than one.

--- Paul Dufresne
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