Just a little Tunes-pages feedback... (fwd)

Fare Rideau rideau@nef.ens.fr
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 17:00:16 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear Tunesers,
   here is my answer to a question I've been asked as part of a feedback
message on the Tunes pages...

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>: Joost <jace@il.fontys.nl>

> While I was browsing back and forth I thought it might be nice to
> include -> <- arrows or something to go to the next/previoux 'logical'
> page... Just a thought...
Yeah, so did I. Only,
* depending on ones' point of view and background,
 the "logical" sequence changes
* "logical" reading might involve finer grain than page grain
* the pages are not finished, the world changes, and there is no definite
 logical sequencing of pages that wouldn't change.
* I'm currently doing the pages manually in HTML, which provides
 no automatic way to consistently put such arrows in files
* my primary concern these days would be to have some minimal code base.

As a conclusion, what would be needed is that the pages be written
no more in raw HTML, but with a tool that
* manages multiple documents, subdocuments, "projects", subprojects, etc
* consistently manages redundancy in those documents,
 by providing multiple (arbitrary many and different) views on them,
 and always consistently update other parts of the documents
 to maintain user-defined invariants.
* allows users to annotate pages with their interest, and what is a
 "logical" order for them, and reuse info to infer potential logical
 order for similarly-minded people [See GroupLens and Pattie Maes' stuff]

That's all the kind of things that I expect from what I call "MetaText",
as opposed to mere "HyperText". Not a static published structure
that one browses, but a dynamic structure that everyone builds,
that adapts to people, that truely interacts with them.
And there is no such thing currently, so that the only
implementation of MetaText will be... Tunes.

>Just wanted to make this silly remark and let you know you're on to
>something great! You might hear more from me and I'll definitly keep
>checking the Tunes-site.

My *main* problem with the project is that I have too many ideas,
with ones that depend on others, and I am unable to choose and
implement any particular way to bootstrap this cycle or interdependent
features. Sometimes I start in a direction, then in another,
but never do I lead it to completion. I wander without guide, without map.
Sometimes, I think that life is easier for these people with a certitude,
who don't ask themselves questions. But more seriously, I wish I could
find, in myself or someone else, the force to go to the end of what I project.

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