Tunes FTP site

Francois-Rene Rideau
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 17:08:55 +0100 (MET)

>: Paul Dufresne

> Have we still writing access to the ?
We should ask David Manifold.

> Some place I've read that we don't have access to a ftp site anymore, and
> at one place I read that we have access to this site. It seems out-dated
> however.
Originally, I had setup a FTP site on a machine,
but the sysops wouldn't continue to host it anymore;
then I realized that usable command-line tools
to download files from the WWW had appeared,
so I could put files to download through the WWW and not worry anymore.
   Recently, David Manifold offered to host the official Tunes site,
and mirrored the french site to his machine,
and setup a FTP server for the downloadable part;
but neither of us did actively continue to maintain
this mirror and main-site-to-be,
so this is still a potential, but not an up-to-date FTP site.

> I would suggest making clear on the main page of Tunes that all the
> web pages can be downloaded from the last doc file, since it took me
> a while to discover this.
Ok. I just put it in front of the main page
(both short and verbose versions).

NB: all the previously-mentionned modifications
will not be actually available until tonight (french time),
when I download them to the official site through my slow modem connection.
If you have any idea (well, rather, working code) about how to send
only the compressed differences between moving versions
(fixed versions would be easier)
under Unix development tools, please tell me where to get it.
Hum. Surely I should study CVS and suches more carefully...

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