HTML Forms Databases Restructuration
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 12:47:31 -0500

I'm just beginning to think at how we could make our web site better.
One problem I have with it, is that some pages (like Language and OSes
Review, Glossary) become very big. We do use a lot the # symbol in
html that make you download the FULL page and then position you on
the requested (usefull) information. It would seem better to me to make
different pages for each little block, making you download only the
requested information. Or still better, have the user fill a form to
request the information he wants, use a database to retrieve the info
requested by the user and translate it in HTML, then sending the newly
created HTML info page to the user.

It would seem a good implementing way to begin with the Glossary page,
since it is quite straightforward (have the user asked the requested
word, the send the definition to him.)

However, I have a problem with this idea. Suppose we change the glossary
to this database way of requesting things, how will we modify all the
pages that uses the HREF Glossary.html#term to access the database?

-Paul Dufresne, maintainer of the review subjproject

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