HTML Forms Databases Restructuration

Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 23:53:29 +0100 (MET)

> Hello, I hope you don't mind me commenting, even though I'm not a
> project-member.
You're welcome!

> Nope, databases are not the best solution. One simple way to do this is
> to make a small txt file for each term. This gives you the least
> creating and maintaining hassle.
Well, whatever low-level format you use,
such thing is called a database (even though manually managed through files).
All the problem is to automatize things without depending too much
on external software that we wouldn't control.

> If you want something hi-tech, go for
> some CGI script that would fetch a specific definition from a bigger
> file.
That's also what Paul D. suggested.
HTML files pre-generated from a database would be a good start, however.

BTW, the mailing-list archive also needs to be refreshed.
I've been told MHonArc would do a better job than hypermail has.

> I'm interested in helping you out with improving your page. Francois
> suggested that maybe I should take the webpage project over.
Sure! The current problem is I can't grant anyone an account on
the machine currently serving the Tunes WWW pages (not root).
When there is a WWW server we control (bespin?),
or if you know any software that I could install that would allow
remote management of files w/o the need of a new account,
then off we go.
Meanwhile, you can still send me patches and modifications...

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