Fare Rideau
Mon, 5 May 1997 14:47:14 +0200 (MET DST)

> hello, folks at TUNES, i recently read about TUNES in WWW.

> Have gone through glossary and have some questions.
> Glossary gives examples of Distributed OS eg Amoeba, Spring, Plan9, Inferno.
> Just how/what is distributed OS.  Is there currently any such OS being used
> in an organisation/commercially ?  How good compared with the traditional OS
> like UNIX.
Well, I unhappily don't have time to produce a detailed answer,
so the only thing I can say is: start from the OS Review page,
and read the docs from the said operating systems.
use the following markers: #Inferno #Amoeba #Spring #Grasshopper #Plan9 #QNX
etc. You might also follow other OS indexes...

If you would be kind enough to contribute back
an explanation to the Tunes project,
and/or pointers to the most relevant pages and articles,
I would be immensely grafetul.

NB: all readers of this mail (uh, including me),
 are invited to similarly send feedback to the project
 about things they investigate...