Internet CD music database.

Jerry Fass
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 05:06:37 -0700

As all good tunesmiths know, the catalyst for the Tunes project was
Francois wanting a powerful music cataloging system. Thus, non-trivial
music cataloging systems may be of interest to Tunesmiths generally, and
may give them some ideas.

I found a fascinating, very unusual, award winning, CD
cataloging-playing system that is powerful, interesting, and novel. It
is not what Francois suggests, but has some very useful, non-trivial
traits anyway.

It is an Internet-based, collaborative CD (Compact Disk) database. It
seems to use data typed in by anyone, anywhere on the Net.

DiscPlay from Obvion Systems:

A quote:
"With Web browser integration, CDDB Internet database support, HTML
document generation, collection printing with visual template editor,
and easy collection management and statistical features, DiscPlay 4 is
clearly the best shareware audio CD player utility available!"

A PC Magazine review,
by US computer columnist John C. Dvorak: