Eric W. Biederman
15 Apr 1998 22:13:50 -0500

>>>>> "DM" == David Manifold <> writes:

Here is the tunes answer right now. Whoever writes the code puts the
copyright on it.

Generally the GPL is nice because it assures things will stay free.
Note: The can be multiple licensing agrements but you must get
permission from all copyright holders.

The GPL or LGPL where appropriate is nice because it assure people
something will remain free.  That is a fair incentive when writing
code for no profit.

You seem to be asking for a variation of the BSD license.  For the
trouble that can get you into look at the X consortium.  XFree86 is
now in the position of having to do a seperate implementation of all
new features.

But the bottom line is the code or rather lack of it.