TUNES Mailing lists moving

David Manifold
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:07:09 +0000 (GMT)

The mailing lists, <> and <> are moving to
<> and <>, respectively.  All recipients
will be transferred to the new server.  You will receive a subscription
notice for each address you are subscribed under, for each list.  The new
administrative address for subscribing and unsubscribing is 
<>.  Send a message to that address with the word
"help" in the body of the message te see what commands it supports.
You can also use <> and 
<>.  If you use the -request addresses, you
won't have to specify the list name in your message.

NOTE: THE EASIEST WAY TO UNSUBSCRIBE is to send a message to
<> or <>, FROM THE
ADDRESS YOU ORIGINALLY SUBSCRIBED UNDER, with a single line in the body,
that says "unsubscribe".

If you have any problems or questions with the mailing lists, please
e-mail me directly at <>.  The posts to the TUNES mailing
lists are archived at:

The old addresses at will remain available for an undetermined
amount of time, but for posting only.  All subscription and unsubscription
requests should be sent to one of the addresses noted above.

Happy TUNESing!

David Manifold <>