AMBER ClientServer++

Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:41:38 +0200

Maybe I am here totally at the wrong door. And further we are not trying 
to be as ambitious as Tunes tries to be. But we are also fed up by the
and MUSTNOTS in our "professional" world. Many many moons ago my partner
decided that
there must be a "better" way to write commercial programs and since we
also like to live well we choose the largest market in the world, the
clerical routine or now called OLTP Windows market. 

Today, after many hundreds of moons,  we are in our third or maybe
fourth product cycle. We recently readied and launched our WorkBench for
Windows consisting of a 4GL tighly coupled to a transactional server
engine. Although CS++ (ClientServer++) is written in MS Visual C++ with
MS Foundation Class Library we do not favour DCOM, Corba or the other
"standards" as we find them contra productive for the transaction
application developer. In the DOS world there were over 90K AMBER
licenses installed here in Europe.

CS++ Programmers are "almost" totally freed of the horrible Windows
system and message resources, hence being able to concentrate on the
design of the commercial application. Many European programmers who
worked with AMBER for DOS now enjoy the same benefits with CS++ in the
Windows world. 

How nice would it be when you have realized your goals! Btw I am one of
the cofounders, as you notice the commercial partner of AMBER Software
Europe. If you want to have a peak at our product be our guest at or let me know were to ship a evaluation kit to.

Willem van Rijk