KUT version alpha 0.3 & some hardware questions & asking help

Basile STARYNKEVITCH Basile.Starynkevitch@wanadoo.fr
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 22:40:46 +0200 (CEST)

Hello all,

my (spare time) work on KUT, the kernel usable for TUNES, is very
slowly going one.

Current version is KUT-0.3 (0.2 & 0.1 were never released). See 

(also nightly snapshot as kutsnap.tgz)

I didn't add any copyright yet, but it is mine -with some code from
TINOS [Bart Sekura] and VSTa [Andy valencia] and Linux

Work is going on very slowly, but it is taking a lot of my (spare)
time. And I am not a PC hardware (or Intel x86 lowlevel) expert so it
is quite difficult for me.

Current kernel don't work at all. It compiles & runs (getting a lot of
timer interrupts, but no keyboard)!

If some hardware or low lelvel PC expert could read my code and
comment and give help, I will be very grateful.

The most urgent hardware question is how to get extended VGA, ie 80x44 
screen resolution. (like Linux does)? Any clues.

My only source of hardware information is "The Indispensable PC
Hardware Book 3rd edition" by Hans-Peter MESSMER (Addison Wesley 1997)

The current goal is to code a Intel-ring0 (no user or pageable code)
only system which can decode keyboard (into Unicode like keysyms) and
read/write hard disk (including the partition table). When this is
running, I could (perhaps easier, because I know how) implement a sort 
of tiny Scheme on it.

If anyone can help, please do. Perhaps just be reading the code (2000
lines currently) and commenting..

I also need a lot of encouragement. Will my small effort be useful to
TUNES? I hope so, ...

Perhaps the TUNES Low Level Langage list is a better place for
discussing about KUT?

Basile STARYNKEVITCH - 8 rue de la Faiencerie, 92340 BOURG LA REINE (France)
tel mél = basile point starynkevitch at wanadoo point fr
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