moving on.

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Sat, 12 Dec 1998 17:54:41 +0700

distinguishing arrows by axioms, and not by enumerable 'pointers', leaves
the notion that arrows would only be unique up to the point of isomorphism.
i'm not sure how this consequence fits into the system, intuitively
speaking.  any thoughts?  right now, i'm 'hitting the books' as it were
(with respect to theory), and hope to come up with a completely
comprehensive scheme for the prototype system in a few days.

aside:  recently my ship pulled into a couple of ports in asia and i managed
to pick up a lot of software (and new books on computational complexity and
language theory) at some really cheap prices, particularly several
interesting language systems including oberon, scheme, ml, ...  these are
quite interesting, and i'm planning on using all the interesting and
necessary source code.

btw, is anyone still following this thread?  does it seem pointless, or
something?  does anyone see any benefits of the fundamental differences
between my ideas and the ones you have been working with so far?  i'm just
wondering when (or if) i'll get any helpful feedback.