RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2 BRice@vinson.navy.mil
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 14:48:10 +0300

> So, to summarize even more, I'd say that my main goal is to design a
> high level language, based on a few core concepts as possible, and
> have the oportunity to display commonly used patterns in a sensible
> way. I believe that the language is already there and is called lisp
> or scheme. And the rest is just design patterns...
I think your ideas are right on.

I've been working on a language that I call Arrow and posting the results in
the mailing list.  If you look at the archives for the past month, you
should see a good overview.  If you like, I could send you a summary.

I think that it's definitely the kind of language that you're looking for,
even if it isn't exactly what you would call ideal.  It's at an extremely
high conceptual level, has no syntax (or other text-based) restrictions, and
can encapsulate Tunes-like reflection even at that high level.  The 'design
patterns' concept is embodied as a first-order entity in the system, and it
resembles Lisp in a lot of respects.  In fact, I'd say that it's a natural
extension of it.

I hope you'll look at it.  I'll be continuing the development of the
language in the list as well.