Complete, searchable TUNES lists!

Fare Rideau
Sun, 8 Feb 1998 03:41:20 +0100 (CET)

Dear Dave [Cc: to tunesmiths]

Congratulations for the TUNES mailing-list archives at
Where did you find wilma? Did you write it yourself?

BTW, the mirror does a few things too well,
for instance, when saying that is
the new site (which is not completely false,
but hides the original site altogether).
What mirroring utilities do you use, with what options?

Hum. I'm modifying the Tunes WWW pages to reflect the current changes.
I'm also trying to develop TUNESADM as a tool to do patch-based
synchronization of remote TUNES trees through e-mail.
Once it works, this means patches through a tunes-patches list
(or the tunes-admin list?), and official patches to tunes-announce
(or perhaps only to a tunes-official-patches list).
Of course, I hope that TUNES will have its own "intelligent"
distributed object management system asap,
but TUNESADM should make do until then.

We really should open a tunes-admin mailing-list
to talk about day-to-day and computer-aided synchronization
between maintainers. Can bespin host it?

Finally, I am to separate documentation sources,
to be made in some language that allows programming,
from actual WWW pages in HTML, to be obtained by compiling the former.
Are you familiar with any language that could be used here?
I've heard of Jade, but never understood the actual details;
I still have to figure out where introductory docs lie... any help anyone?

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