tunes admin.

David E. Manifold
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 21:50:11 +0000 (GMT)

Let's get the whole thing sorted out:

do you want to have a asymmetric "mirror" system, or can we have
bidirectional mirroring?  I would like to input to the drastic
restructuring of the WWW pages.
I'm not sure we have to invent a new distribution scheme.  I haven't even
started looking, but there seem to be plenty of mirror and remote
distribution packages.  Have you tried many?

E-mail lists- 
I'll handle the tunes lists.  Do you want to mirror these at
all?  Would you provide search capabilities at sweety, too?

personal E-mail accounts- 
Shall I handle MX for the entire domain?

I can't handle it yet, but after Bespin's upgrade I may be able to
provide primary/secondary DNS.

> The lists could be named
> 	tunes-announce
> 	tunes-smiths
> 	tunes-admin
> 	tunes-lll
> or such.

OK, sounds good for now.
Should we automatically subscribe everybody from "tunes" to announce,
smiths, and admin?
Is the LLL list dead?  Is the latest message really from January, 1997?

> Where did you find wilma? Did you write it yourself?

I received a message from the majordomo-announce mailing list at announcing wilma.

> Finally, I am to separate documentation sources,
> to be made in some language that allows programming,
> from actual WWW pages in HTML, to be obtained by compiling the former.
> Are you familiar with any language that could be used here?
> I've heard of Jade, but never understood the actual details;
> I still have to figure out where introductory docs lie... any help 
> anyone?

What do you mean by "programming"?  I think TeX can do whatever it is you
need.  Why is HTML so bad?  Couldn't you just use a WYSIWYG HTML editor?

David E. Manifold <>