Reorganizing web pages with CGI

Paul Dufresne
Wed, 20 May 1998 07:40:21 +0400

One simple way of achieving easy modifications to the web contents would be
to give to anonymous a free access to the ftp site on which the web pages is
based. So people could organize their ideas on it hierarchically by using
the directory structure. Just doing a incremental backup once a week should
resolve basic security issue that this could make happen.

But I still thinks CGI should be used to have a nice database access.
So which language? I would suggest Python even if I don't know it much (took
me 2 hours yesterday to translate a guess my number program from ZX-81 basic

I think we should begin by making a little test:
I suggest we make a small web page containing a form with 2 radio buttons,
one to download the languages web page, the other to get the OS page.

Obviously if we accept to do it in python, the first step would be to get a
working interpreter. go find one at

I'll try to read about the CGI module in the help files for python. But
beware that my computer is still too small to really use sockets so I can
begin a script but it will have to be tried and debug by someone else. I may
however upgrade my computer to a 486DX-33 with 8Mb in the 3 next days, so
maybe I will have something good enough to help, we'll see.

About C--, I was relieved to see you was not speaking of the C-- that
already exist and that is a really cheap C with quite good libraries that
some use to make simple demos in DOS world. I wonder if this new C-- will
really be used by the compiler makers community.

About finding a paper, Fare, I'm sure you know that there is a database
of papers on the net, (see on yahoo in computer science, technical papers).
Can't you find there what's your searching?

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