Reorganizing web pages with CGI

Jecel Assumpcao Jr
Wed, 20 May 1998 17:19:03 -0300

Paul Dufresne wrote:
> One simple way of achieving easy modifications to the web contents would be
> to give to anonymous a free access to the ftp site on which the web pages is
> based. So people could organize their ideas on it hierarchically by using
> the directory structure. Just doing a incremental backup once a week should
> resolve basic security issue that this could make happen.
> But I still thinks CGI should be used to have a nice database access.
> So which language? I would suggest Python even if I don't know it much (took
> me 2 hours yesterday to translate a guess my number program from ZX-81 basic
> :-)).

I have programmed a little in Python and found much
more reasonable than Perl. Still, there is a better
solution than CGI scripts - a Wiki Wiki Web site. See
the Patterns one for an example:

I think the above URL is correct.

The Squeak Wiki site is more interesting, since you can
create page scripts in Smalltalk. I don't know if it is
working right now since they were having some upgrade
problems, but if it is you might want to check out:

These other site are supposed to be ok:

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