Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:54:47 -0800 (PST)

There's an article on Code Reuse in slashdot today:

Key TUNES-related points:
* An infrastructure is needed to store reusable components so they can be
found by those who need them. [TUNES suggests persistent distributed

* A good architecture for reusable components is needed to ensure that
they will work for the next application.  The architecture needs to last,
so that all the components developed for it don't become obsolete.
[Yup, this is what we intend to do.]

* It is difficult for companies to think about developing components to be
reused because they are focused on the short-term "project goal".
[That's why it may be a perfect job for a free software project.]

* It is difficult to coordinate teams to work together on reuse.  Someone
has to find components that everyone can use, but everyone is busy on
their own little projects.

* Packaged applications are usually not exactly what the consumer wants
but are easier to get than programming it themself.

* Companies want to have the benefit of code reuse but there is no
easy, practical way to accomplish it.

* OMG CORBA is the best standard currently.

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