Your Web Visibility Report

Wed, 04 Nov 1998 15:04:05 -0500

Your report was prepared using the search engines listed below.
"TUNES" was the term used for the search. The #'s beside
each search engine represents the position in which that engine
reported your website.
Your web sites URL:

Yahoo        000
Lycos        000
Excite       002
HotBot       000
LycosPro     000
Magellan     000
InfoSeek     000
N.Lights     000
AltaVista    000
Webcrawler   000
PlanetSearch 000

WVI          002

This report only reports positioning within the top 30 listings. A
listing further down is not of much use as most users will only view
results from the top 10-20 positions. Remember that you can always
request another report, for any website, for any search term, from our
site, and it's always free.

A complete explanation of this report is available at:  and click the resources link.
Thanks for using our report. It is available
to you any time at no charge. 
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