Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 20:14:34 +0100

Dear TUNESers,
   sorry for my long silence.
Tril and I have reshaped  the TUNES documentation/development tree,  and
installed it in a CVS server, so that instead of merely enjoying the new
web pages  and sending criticism, you may directly  modify them at home,
using XEmacs or whatever your favorite development tools are.  I've also
begun a Tunes FAQ, so do not hesitate to contribute questions or answers

If you want to help,  I am looking for a way  to preprocess or otherwise
produce the web pages  with a GUILE scheme programs.  The infrastructure
for make(1)ing the pages (instead of hand-editing them) is already here.
Lacks the processor. Afterwards, I'd like this like  the Glossary or the
Review subprojects to be split in small files,  with a metaprogram doing
all the  conversion  into HTML format  according to  nifty  style rules.
Maybe time to seriously learn DSSSL?

PS: is a daily mirror of

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