RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 15:17:59 +0800

I feel very strongly that my efforts are being completely ignored.  My
questions are completely to the point, though rhetorical and academic as
they obviously seem to you.  I happen to believe that I know of a direct
path of problem-solving will lead us directly to the goal, and yet the
collaboration which I have received borders on demonstrating complete

Surely someone here who is so inclined can help me, or at least help me
in contacting someone who would be inclined to help me in my endeavors.
I admit that I know very little of the members of this group, and am
quite impatient relative to your own status-quo for development.  For
that reason I have been trying all sorts of ways to coax even the
slightest discussion from you, but the response only seems to suggest
some sort of general disdain for my entire approach.

Can someone here speak for the group about me?  If matters here are as
I've just posited, then ban me from the group I beg of you!  I'm
honestly sick of wasting my time and your e-mail caches in search of
someone who can add to the development process.


I wish that I could be satisfied with the conversations we've had so
far, but the relationship could be so many orders of magnitude better
than that!  And the nature of the problems at hand beg that a multitude
of minds share points of view on it.

How would you like it, if I, say, due to my complete frustration in
finding a willing contact or collaborator in the kinds of problems which
I have been working out, instead removed myself from the Tunes group,
and developed my system to its completion with my own mathematical ideas
and released it to the Linux community, as I've previously stated, in
order to _compete_ with Tunes and supercede it simultaneously?  Maybe
THAT would inspire you to action!  But I doubt it.  You would most
likely continue to hack current systems into a Frankenstein's monster of
a development environment, and then argue that it's freakish beauty
(completely lacking, really, in any sound reasoning) is motivation
enough to overlook the problems I have hinted at concerning non-linear
problem solving.

Yes, indeed!!  I do now resort to insulting you to find a motivated one
among you.  Yes!  A single person who would respond to my pleas would
satisfy me.  However, one is more than I have yet found.  Indeed, one is
now more than I ever expect to find here.

I guess that this current message can be summed up simply:
I can't over-emphasize what it would mean to me if someone could keep a
conversation going, not to delve into MY mind to find out what _I_
think, but to delve into THEIR thoughts on the idea and to find
relationships between OUR thoughts TOGETHER.  I would be in the seventh
heaven, so to speak, if this sort of discourse could be kept up at a
rate of a page or two per day between us.  If anyone feels capable of
this and willing to try, please let me know.  If no one answers within a
few days, well, then "Goodbye, everybody".

It's been really useless talking to you.  Maybe I could get a response
from the ship that I'm working on.  One never knows what kind of inert
intelligence resides in machines these days.