Having time&knowledge

dufrp@oricom.ca dufrp@oricom.ca
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 11:29:23 -0500 (EST)

> I feel very strongly that my efforts are being completely ignored.
Lately, it is true. But before that, Tril (David Manifold) was
replying to your posts.

> I happen to believe that I know of a direct
> path of problem-solving will lead us directly to the goal,
Reading your messages have put me in the same feeling I was when
coming here almost 2 years ago. Something like: "Looks interesting,
but what is the meaning of all these strange words they are using?" I was just begining to understand when you came.

> Surely someone here who is so inclined can help me, or at
>least help me
> in contacting someone who would be inclined to help me in my
Like you can see we are just a few here, and the only thing our
leader does well is to not give up the project. As far as I know,
he has no clear ideas on how the reflective system should be 
implemented. He seems to have no time to put on the project.
But he's the only one that accept the role of leader. Besides,
he is the more knowledgeable among us.

Fare seems to find RScheme is not good enough, so for him, an
intermediary project to write a better Scheme seems to be needed
before working on Tunes.

Fare seems to be the only one to really know Scheme or any other
functionnal language here. Me, I am limited with my small 85Mb
hard disk, I tried Linux Debian, but came back to the small
Oberon system. But I have tried many languages since I first came
here on my sister's bigger computer and found thah I don't like
Lisp syntax. My favorite language change every month. This month
it is a prototype based language with some reflective features.
This language is Agora.

We have been waiting for the new version of the OS toolkit for
about one year almost without doing anything.


If you think you are near the goal, then you did a very poor job
at explaining yours ideas. You are talking about performance of
a directed graph and I have no ideas what you want to put in
the nodes. Are you trying to do graph-rewriting techniques like
the Clean compiler do or what?

I am not very good at mathematics. Trying to read papers from
Luca Cardelli "http://www.luca.demon.co.uk/", I was amazed to see how
mathematicians are able to express simple concepts in such weird notation.
In a sense I feel that only if I was able to decipher those notations would I be able
to help you with your 'system'.

> How would you like it, if I, say, due to my complete frustration in
> finding a willing contact or collaborator in the kinds of problems which
> I have been working out, instead removed myself from the Tunes group,
> and developed my system to its completion with my own mathematical ideas
> and released it to the Linux community

That would be cool! :-)
If we were able to have a system that would have the features
we want without having to do it ourself, we would use it.
We don't care who does it. as long as it is free.

If you think you know how the internals of a Tunes-like system
could work, I suggest you take a month to try to write a 20 pages
paper to describe it. 

If you want us to tell you how we think Tunes should work, than
the truth is that I don't know and I have not much to suggest.