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Sun, 25 Oct 1998 17:39:25 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2 wrote:

> >Fare is bootstrapping starting with Scheme.  I was going to try to help
> >(while continuing my C bootstrap project in parallel).  Do you want to
> >join us?
> Yes, but the limited access that I get for communicating with you seems
> insufficient.  I think that I might be more valuable working on
> something independent of it, although I can give you feedback on code
> and such.  I just don't think that collaboration on this part will work
> out, especially since the syntax (interpretation) of the Lisp family
> doesn't seem natural to me.  Maybe you could suggest an area where I'd
> be the most useful at this point.

Yeah, I agree about lisp... I can't help Fare with his Scheme thing.
We'll give each other feedback and keep talking.  Let's try to work toward
the common terminology.

David Manifold <>