What is a MetaObject Protocol?

dufrp@oricom.ca dufrp@oricom.ca
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 22:50:52 -0500 (EST)

Could someone make a short summary of what is a MOP.
It will be a nice idea to write this summary on the wiki (maybe on DesignTrends,

I know CommonLisp have one, that TinyClos is a small implementation of
that in Scheme.

I should be able to read papers about that but it is not easy because I have
very few ressources. I have no Postscript printer near, and I have lots of
problems with Ghostscript and Acrobat readers (missing fonts, text not
showing, wrong file version, etc.) The best thing I had to read papers was a
small assembler program I wrote that was made to read only what was
between parentheses (what I used to do to read postscript files) but I lost
this program and need to rewrite it. :-)

---Paul Dufresne