to brian

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 20:40:55 -0800

>> I would like both for us to reason about the semantic and efficiency
>> problems in the mail, and for the system to 'reason' about mathematical
>> domains.  I will return the latter's results to those who find that
>> interesting.
>Well... now what semantic problems.  Anyway, I am trying to develop my
>system to have as few problems as I progress as possible (No, there may
>be some and I may even have to start over but I'm still trying to avoid
>that).  It sounds like you don't know what problems there are yet but you
>need to write something first.  True?

Entirely true.  Although I have a great many resources for mathematical
theory of logics and information, none of them explore the areas that I
will be going into, particularly in terms of intensionality and tight
integration of multiple theories.  I just can't say yet what to expect
from the system.  Besides, it seems much more fun this way. :)