What I was saying about implementation time....

Christopher Barry cbarry@2xtreme.net
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 16:40:19 -0800

A message got posted to a ton of language newsgroups 2 days ago about a
new project Microsoft Research Laboratories is starting in collaboration
with the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. Here are some excerpts:

> The goal is to develop a
> new kind of environment for transformational programming
> that permits software to be composed from a set of
> independent design decisions or "intentions", using
> domain-specific notations and optimization strategies. The
> specific aim of the Oxford component of the work is to
> design a meta-language for the environment, within which
> domain-specific abstractions can be described, implemented
> and reused.

> (a) identifying suitable features of current meta languages
> in compiler construction and automated theorem proving.
> (b) designing and building a prototype implementation of a
> suitable meta language.
> (c) experimenting with the use of that meta language in
> case studies.  

I'm recalling my original prediction that if you don't build Tunes in 15
years, a large effort will form to meet the task and you'll be beaten to