David Manifold
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 21:44:57 +0000 ( )

You said in Dec 96:
>I imagine a system where the signal/noise ratio
>tends asymptotically to +oo.
Now we know what TUNES really is, an information creator/preserver,
nullifying entropy.

And I was almost ready to admit it really WAS a musical OS.

You said in Jun 95:
>[about Entropy]
>> !    Basic theorems about such dynamical systems assert that in a
>>      closed
>>   system, entropy globally increases with time; that is, information is
>>   being lost, and the system evolves toward a state more and more
>> ! undistinguishable (this word doesn't sound right, what's the right
>> ! one?), less specific, more probable.
>   I used "indistinguishable" which the webster told me existed.
>But then, I'm not satisfied with it...
Perhaps the word you need is "homogeneous", if you are describing the loss
of diversity.

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