An approach for implementing TUNES

Laurent Martelli
09 Apr 1999 00:13:51 +0200

>>>>> "June" == June Kerby <> writes:

  June> This is a vague idea I've had for implementing TUNES. I'm
  June> interested to know what you guys think about it. I'll warn
  June> you, I've never taken a class on logic or lambda-calculus
  June> (although I've done quite a bit of studying on the Internet),
  June> so don't be surprised if I say something really dumb or miss
  June> something really elementary. Comments and criticism from
  June> everyone is of course welcome.


I do not really understand what the system would be like. Can you give
us an example of how you'd do "hello world", ` 2 + 2 ', or something
simple  ?