OS-Language hybrid. Pliant.

Jerry Fass fass@pitnet.net
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 10:56:20 -0700

Greetings. :-)

I have 2 points:

1) Question: I read somewhere on Tunes.org that TUNES was intended to combine OS and language, be an OS-Language hybrid, in one unified structure (reflective?). Is it still true that TUNES will combine OS and language, or has this changed in any way at all?

2) Suggestion: I see your programming languages Review Subproject lists Pliant (http://pliant.cams.ehess.fr/), but you say little about it. This looks like a very interesting reflective language, and it is advancing quickly. It might provide a good tool for TUNES.

Thank you very much.
Good luck.
Good day.