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Wed, 28 Apr 1999 09:01:48 +0500

   >Can we even agree on a method of HOW to fix it ;)

Tunes, has theorically at least, a chart that describes a process to take
decisions based on poll and memberships to sub-projects. Actually, I thinks
it has never been used in last three years.

As I remember it, you can be a general member of Tunes, or a member of a
sub-project. A member of a sub-project is also a member of the general
Tunes project. I hope I am not making any mistake, but it is (was) on
the web page anyway. One can be a member of as many subprojects as
he/she wishes. But you have never more than one vote on a particular
proposition. The funny part is that the leader of the sub-project had
always a veto right. I suppose Fare did leaves it's veto right to
Pat by delegating it to coordinates the project.

In my opinion, part of the feeling of not getting anywhere for Tunes,
is IN PART, due to the fact that no-one have ever had requested that
a suggestion would be decided by the poll process.

It is likely that decisions may make people unhappy and leave the
Tunes community. But I have the feeling that we did also lost many
people by refusing to take official decisions. Besides, once
decisions are made, new people that fit with newest decisions can
be found.

There are a number of suggestions right now that in my opinion are
worth to be officially proposed. As I see it, it is Pat job to decide
to what sub-project belongs an official proposition and the date at
which the poll will occured. I also suppose that actual vote are
supposed to be e-mailed to Pat, and only the poll result be
posted on the mailing-list. Hope I am not putting to much on Pat
shoulders. A potential problem is the fact that as far as I know,
current memberships does not specify sub-project memberships, and
that many suggestions right now belongs in my opinion to
the HLL sub-project.

Now, before I make official propositions, I suppose I should make myself
an 'official' member of Tunes. ;-)

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