Assembly Everyone Chill]

Maneesh Yadav
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 11:53:31 -0400 (EDT)

Tom you didn't answer anything about mem protection model, system call
method, IPC, method of SMP and distributed what level will
these be implemented?  How will these affect your core abstractions?
If you do implement messaging tied to the kernel, you'll have to make sure
your calls are multi CPU safe...these types of issues you'll have to deal
with before hand and can't just be added in after you've written a simple
non distributed uniprocesser kernel...

Looking at the old retro code, for VGA and keyboard your relying on BIOS
interrputs, you're going to call these from protected mode?  I don't see
an IDT, GDT or page table among the code you've are you going to
implement things so that they are effectively multiplexed?  No mutal
exclusion primitives either.  FOr task swithcing are you going to use
TSS's or software?  How will this affect threads?
What type of memoy management algorithm are you going to use, how deeply
will GC be tied to it...what GC algorithm are you going to use?

I'm holding you to your claim...I'll check back with you at the end of
summer and we'll see how much useful stuff you have done.