Alan Grimes ogrimes@bellatlantic.net
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 13:37:52 -0800


	I had some ideas about the HLL... It should be a functional programming
language or based on some mathematical scheme that incorperates forth verbs and
a noun object extension. It shouldn't have any APIs in the language because that
would be too restricting and would make it obsolete too soon. Instead the
program would have a set of bindings that would tell the system how to
incorperate and present it. Menus would be implnemented as binding scripts.
Forth is almost like this 
but it isn't general enough. (it requires a certain type of machine for best
performance). This would ideally run nearly optimally on all kinds of strange
and unusual hardware. 

something of this nature:

bind ABC icon       XYZ 
bind DEF keystroke  ALT-U
Icon XYZ 3dfractal  NMO
bind TOR "howdy user!"

the program hello world would be something like:

f() = TOR()

A simple adder would be:

sum() = get(prompt(instruc()))+ get(prompt())

loop() = loopfunc^iterations () 

"We come in cubes!"
        - The Borg