RFV: learning material

Francois-Rene Rideau fare@tunes.org
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 03:00:01 +0100

Dear jolly Tunesers,
   here is a Request For Review about learning material.

I hereby propose that Request For Reviews (RFV)
be formal request for people on Tunes-related mailing-lists
to provide the Review subproject with material on a given topic:
bibliographies of electronically or physically available books,
documents, software, articles, courses, etc, on the topic,
or even actual explanations or criticism.

This particular RFV is about constituting a database of good documents
for newbies (to experts) to learn about all those ideas, theories,
or practical experiences, that are necessary or useful
to understand the Tunes project.

To begin with, I'd particularly appreciate pointers to material on
the lambda-calculus and other foundational formalisms of computation theory.
When the bases are laid out, I'd also appreciate reviews on Reflection,
Migration, Memory Management, or any subject you think is relevant to Tunes.
Pointers are of course better when they contain some meta-information about
who is most concerned by the pointed-to material.

NB: ultima is alledgedly working on some software engine to manage the
review project as a database, that will then be separated from the rest
of the TUNES project, and will have its own page at http://review.tunes.org/

Best regards,

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