New Project Coordinator Introduction

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 01:13:22 +0300

> I don't know what kind of poor reception you've gotten, but I and others
> are having trouble understanding your posts.  Either we are a poor
> audience, or you're not conveying your ideas very clearly.
you've got to look at what i write as something to be read not for its
content, but the general ideas it refers to.  you've got to wonder "why does
he believe that" and "do i believe the same thing in some respect?"  my
words are not the answer, but the thought patterns behind them.

> I'm surprised to see you deriding the academic aspect of the project,
> since your posts have appeared (to me, a dispassionate outsider) to be
> among the most academic.  
that's because the academic aspect of this project's development, apart from
my input, has been pitiful.  these people have no idea how to scour books
and research papers on the web for the gems of thought that point in the
right direction, and then to avoid remaining there, but instead carry
themselves to new ideas, constantly comparing the results of using various
aspects of the systems they have studied.  a person must THROW themselves
into the research in order to come back with the necessary foundation for
such a project.  my research is the result of painstaking analysis of many
systems, the description of which would probably take years.

> Do you have something I can look at to convince me of the efficacy of your
> proposals?
my proposals are at once equally similar to the results of many systems
proposed by various researchers around the world, and yet completely

i wish that i did have results.  i'm so sick of computers and programming as
well that i can't seem to get myself to write the code over and over until i
get it right.  it's too wearying!  that's one of the reasons that i need you
all to help.  i simply can't deal with the vile contemptuous being that is
ANSI / POSIX C, or any other system, for that matter, to the point that i
can code the large system prototype that we would need.

I have studied visual programming languages so much that it hurts, just in
search of the desired semantics.  arrow logic is the right direction, with
the appropriate extensions.  i can't convince you unless you try to
understand the arrow language.  it CONTAINS lisp, forth, c, prolog, ml,
modula-3, oberon, mathematics, ...

Lightning!!!!  These ideas have struck me like lightning!  I'm on fire!
What convincing do you need other than my obvious profound desperation to
give birth to this idea, to see it live and breathe?