New Project Coordinator Introduction

Eric W. Biederman
31 Dec 1998 17:24:37 -0600

>>>>> "RB" == RE01 Rice Brian T EM2 <> writes:

RB> Lightning!!!!  These ideas have struck me like lightning!  I'm on fire!
RB> What convincing do you need other than my obvious profound desperation to
RB> give birth to this idea, to see it live and breathe?  

The prototype as a project for tunes, needs not to be the standard
open source project where a prototype is written, and then everyone
modifies it.  But instead the X consortium (and a few others). Where
people write the specifications on how the parts interact. Then other
people code to those specifications. 

The problem so far is that none of the people Fare, Rice etc.
Who have done the research have written the specs.

My guess is that once a moderately complete set of speces is written
it will take roughly a year for tunes to materialize from thin air.

I have seen many people willing to do it, come and go from this list,
but they never stay because they don't know what to do.

Please theoreticians specs specs specs.  
Specs that say which invariants must be maintained to defined a
reflective system.

Please specs.

Specs for tunes.