Request (Humble): Reading list for TUNES!

Anders Petersson
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 21:25:01 +0100

>Hi TUNESers,
>   Congratulations to all for the now frenzied activity on the TUNES
>list.... good to see.

Nothing better to do. :)

><Request Attitude="HUMBLE">
>However, as my declarative programming experience is EXTREMELY limited and
>my mathematical background equally as laughable, I was wondering if some
>kind soul could perhaps/maybe, possibly see their way clear to creating a
>notional "Reading list for TUNES", where someone like me... (and I hope
>there are others) could start small, churn through lots of coffee and then
>(in a year or so of Sundays) manage to vaguely abstract a notion of what
>Brian and the rest are talking about?

That is a very good idea, but I'd like a (somewhat) broader perspective to
it. Why not have a page _on the site_, with a lists of good documents on
each matter discussed. That way anyone could learn on specific subjects, in
a more free way. 

There would preferable be a rating as to what prerequisities are necessary
to grasp the contents
The list could be on the format:
URL, _brief_ description, prerequisities, approx. size

Anyone could (and should) suggest articles to be added, of course.

>Ah well, thats my thoughts too late/early in the morning.... please don't
>let me disturb any real TUNES work being done...

I... ehm think the risk is very small...