Mailing Lists Update (Was Re: Splitting the list)

Wed, 6 Jan 1999 10:25:38 -0800 (PST)

TUNES-ALL: There is now a tunes-all list, but you must subscribe through
e-mail, not the web interface.  The instructions for tunes-all are too
confusing to list on the web page.  Use at your own risk of getting
confused or duplicate messages. 

TUNES-ANNOUNCE:  Now is a completely empty list with no one on it.  Here's
how it works: Important announcements are sent both to TUNES-ANNOUNCE and
TUNES.  If you are on TUNES, do not subscribe to TUNES-ANNOUNCE because
you will just get duplicate announcements.  On the other hand, if you are
only mildly interested in TUNES and only want to receive important news
about the project, please, leave the TUNES list and join TUNES-ANNOUNCE.

REVIEW: This list is specifically for discussing the Review project.  It
is for new links for the Review project, reviews of languages and OSes,
suggesting changes to Review and for volunteering to work on the project.
As of right now there is NOBODY on the Review list so if you want to help
out with the review project, or follow its progress, please visit (To subscribe via web or to get
instructions on subscribing by e-mail).  If you don't have web access,
e-mail me for instructions.

TUNES-SPECS: I created this list, but it doesn't look like anybody wants
it, so I will keep it around for a while longer and then delete it.  If
you want a TUNES-SPECS list, speak up or forever hold your peace.

David Manifold <>
This message is placed in the public domain.