Laurent Martelli martelli@iie.cnam.fr
06 Jan 1999 21:49:27 +0100

>>>>> "Billy" == Billy Tanksley <btanksley@hifn.com> writes:

    >> > And in many domains, arrows are probably not the best to
    >> visualize > information.
    >> arrows are _not_ the user interface, and they are not a
    >> first-order visualization method.  instead, the structure of an
    >> arrow system would be the information presented, and this,
    >> although preferrably visual, would definitely _not_ be best
    >> displayed as arrows only, or even mostly arrows.
    Billy> 	Agreed.

    Billy> 	I also have a worry about infinital structures of
    Billy> arrows -- how can they be represented?  It seems to me that
    Billy> any method we use of representing (single or finite numbers
    Billy> of) arrows will have to have an exception to allow it to
    Billy> represent these, due to limitations of finite space. Do you
    Billy> have any general guidelines for how this would be
    Billy> implemented?  Any ideas?

I think that we can reason about infinity without infinite
memory. Human beings do this in mathematics : we have theorems and
theories which deal with infinity but that can be represented within a
finite amount of paper and ink, for instance.