MESSAGE TO ALL- arrow tutorial in development: the Arrow discussi on will be moderated

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 23:51:54 +0300

Hopefully, I haven't completely turned off the attentions of the Tunes
group, so that you all are listening.

I've agreed with Maneesh Yadav and others to moderate my discussion of the
Arrow system.  The effects that you will see will be an almost complete
absence of overly-technical discussion of arrows, as has been the case for a
while, mostly my own doing.  I am going to discuss things from now on with
small groups of individuals solely for the purpose of keeping the half-baked
ideas out of the general list, in order to compile a set of specifications
and a standard way of expressing the system, particularly in laymen's terms.
I am going to take responsibility by maintaining archives of all the
discussions so far on my own computer, and therefore assuming the task of
sifting through the discussions for valuable results.  Others can do so as
well, but I will no longer expect this of them.

What will result is a more clearly-expressed specification of Arrow and
possibly of Tunes.  There will also be a tutorial released in a single
document for laymen, with lots of review by people in the group who have
managed to figure out what I mean despite my obvious lack of communication

Well, the list discussion is no longer for me for a while.  Wish me luck!