Billy Tanksley
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 16:29:31 -0800

Dolphin does it by using libraries for everything -- as soon as the
system is switched into the right running mode, we search for the
interface ID for the interface manager.  We then load it, and ask it to
load a set of interfaces (which it does by searching for their IDs).

Some of those interfaces happen to do things that most OSes would place
in their kernels.  Big deal; Dolphin doesn't.


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> Explain to me, In moron's terms, How exactly Computer X, A simple
> machine that
> executes a basic set of instructions, including logical, arithmetic,
> and jump
> instructions and with a large memory space. Will go about executing an
> OS
> without a kernel. and how that OS will function. 
> Side note: I will have a paper describing how my OS will be
> implemented
> available in a few dayze. :)
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