coordinating efforts..

Alan Grimes
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:19:42 -0800

Maneesh Yadav wrote:

[distributed computing]
> > dont bother!!!! (add it in as an app!!!!!)
> ???? Do you see how hard it is to do distribution these days (under non
> distrbuted OSes)? 

not hard at all. mail is a distributed app and windoze 3.11 even does it just
fine!!! :P

> Apps ideally should have abstracts that could allow to behave
> similarly on a distrbuted system or a shared memory system.

that is only one of MANY possible paradigms.

> > > multiprocessers (SMP, NUMA etc.)
> >
> > no sweat!!!
> So you've come up with a good model that effciently abstracts these two 
>diferent computing stratigies? 

yes; develop a two kernels. =P

> > > rewriting of device drivers
> >
> > use bios!!!
> > 
> Not all computers have bioses, not all devices are implemented in 
>bios....not all devices are implemented efficiently in bios 
>either...don't see where you are going with that one.

This is just a temporary arrangement. I was going to do that with my prototype.

> > multiplatform is my middle name!!!!
> >
> How do you expect to use the bios with multiplatformness?

I dont!!!

PC hardware is foobar; get an alpha!